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AT - 2024: Country Fiche

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. State of Play
    1. Coordination
    2. Functioning and coordination of the infrastructure
    3. Usage of the infrastructure for spatial information
    4. Data Sharing Arrangements
    5. Costs and Benefits


This country fiche highlights Austria’s progress in the various areas of INSPIRE implementation. It contains information covering the period up to March 2024.

Austria has transposed the INSPIRE Directive into Austrian law by adopting a federal act at national level (Spatial Data Infrastructure Act – Geodateninfrastrukturgesetz, GeoDIG (Federal Law Gazette I No 14/2010 as amended by Federal Law Gazette I No 109/2012) and nine spatial data infrastructure laws at regional level (in the federal provinces/Länder).

In 2015, the EU Commission held a meeting with Austria concerning the necessary full implementation of the INSPIRE Directive (pre-pilot bilateral technical meeting). As a result, Austria drew up an Action Plan to (further) ensure and achieve proper implementation of the Directive. The Action Plan was attached to Austria’s report in 2016. One of the measures detailed in the Action Plan was the establishment of a helpdesk to provide public authorities with technical support for INSPIRE implementation. The extended activities help implementing the INSPIRE Directive, while also contributing to the EU’s Digital Single Market.

State of Play

The following paragraphs provide a summary of currently valid information on governance, use, impacts and progress achieved towards INSPIRE implementation.


National Contact Point

Coordination Structure & Progress:

Coordination structure

Austrian INSPIRE coordination structure


Member States are given some leeway as to how they deal with the technical implementation of the INSPIRE Directive, which has an impact on the functional quality of INSPIRE infrastructure. For this reason, additional measures and mechanisms are used for INSPIRE in Austria to ensure the applicability of INSPIRE and quality improvement:

Functioning and coordination of the infrastructure

Usage of the infrastructure for spatial information

Data Sharing Arrangements

Costs and Benefits

Key facts and figures

Key facts and figures from monitoring 2023 can be found at: